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Some Statistics About Domestic Violence

For a long time, domestic violence has been a problem that people have had to deal with for a very long time. Domestic violence has been on a long time and thus can be attributed to a number of factors. Of all the many reasons as to why people engage in domestic violence, is because of the fact that they abuse drugs and alcohol. Statistically, someone who is addicted to drug use is more likely to initiate violence in their homes. There has been a significant amount of domestic violence cases that have been brought about by the current worldwide pandemic. The reason for this is because of the regulations that have required people to self isolate with each other. This increases interactions between them, hence more likely for domestic violence to occur. There are some really sad statistics that have been brought up due to this domestic violence. Some of the are really heartbreaking considering the people cannot do anything about them.

It is a known fact that the ones who are suffering from domestic abuse are very reluctant to getting out of such relationships. These people do not want to get out of that situation due to one big factor. Because these people believe that the ones who are abusing them can change and become good people, they persevere in such a situation. This is not normally the case and these people continue to suffer at the hands of those who are mistreating them. Thereby, domestic violence becomes a cycle that never ends. Those who are suffering from domestic violence need to report those who are abusing them and not to keep quiet about something that serious. This allows for domestic violence perpetrators to be charged in a court of law for their crimes.

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Another important statistic is the fact that men are also subject to domestic violence. Statistics rightly show that majority of those who suffer from domestic abuse a women. This does not however negate the fact that there are definitely a lot of men who are also suffering from domestic violence abuse at their homes. These men though choose to stay silent for fear of ridicule from the society or community they live in.

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